Welcome to the Local BMD Project Multi-Region search.

The aim of this search facility is to complement the Local BMD Project county BMD web sites and not to replace them. If you know the area where you need to look, it is recommended that you use the main county site instead of this search facility as the main county sites offer more options, such as saving the output to a file. Only sites which are part of the Local BMD Project can be searched here. Other counties may have a local BMD website using different search software and they can be found on the Local BMD page.

Your feedback would be appreciated. Please use the 'Contact Us' page on the main UKBMD site.

You may search up to 25 years at once, hold down the Ctrl key when clicking on the year selections.
You may search all the regions at once, or limit the search to two or more regions, again, use the Ctrl key when clicking on the region names. Single region searches should be run on the individual county sites.

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If you do not find the registration indexes that you are seeking it could be that they have not yet been transcribed. None of these indexes are complete. Full details of the coverage of these sites can be found on the individual BMD sites. Return to the main UKBMD site by clicking on the UKBMD logo below.

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